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Designated two times by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage, Halong Bay is undeniably beautiful. Read on to know more about the huge appeal of different tourist attractions in Halong Bay that would easily capture travelers’ hearts.

Cua Van Floating Village

This is where most tourists do not know when visiting Halong Bay

Nowadays, it is definitely a piece-of-cake to find a good Halong Bay tour package for a quick escape from Hanoi. However, are you aware of a hidden lesser-known space lying in the back of the gigantic limestones where most of your friends visiting Halong Bay before failed to recognize? The post reveals an authentic life in the tranquil Cua Van fishing Village.

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Ba Trai Dao Beach

Top 5 stunning beaches to never miss in Halong tours

Halong Bay possesses several stunning beaches with white sand and transparent sea water. Read on to see the top most beautiful beaches to visit in Halong tours.

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Dau Nguoi Islet

Awe-inspiring Halong Islets of unusual shapes

Together with the marvelous thousand-year-old karst caves and emerald waters, the evergreen limestone islets of different shapes and sizes are what you should never miss to photoshoot when traveling there. In this article, Margaret Cruises will give you brief Halong Bay insights to get you covered with the unique islets with unusual shapes in the most beautiful waters of the world.

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View from Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island is now back to tourism activities !

Located in the west of Halong Bay, Soi Sim Island is a less-visited land possessing a pristine beauty that could easily capture travelers’ heart. Having been closed for preservation and facility upgrading acts, Soi Sim is announced to be back to tourism industry this December, promising to be an even more appealing Halong Bay destination for your overnight cruises.

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A floating community on Halong Bay

Vung Vieng Village – a perfect place for Halong Bay getaway

Riding the kayak or going on the rowboats to reach the isolated village where the locals always warmly welcome the outsiders to share glimpses into their special world. Sheltered amidst the spectacular limestone pillars, Vung Vieng floating village is a true water world that rise and fall with the tides.

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Beach resort in Tuan Chau

All you need to know about Tuan Chau – Halong

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TUAN CHAU ISLAND Halong Bay used to be an innocent land with only a few human-made works when there was only the Bay itself....

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Honeymoon Package on Margaret Cruises

Halong Bay possesses poetic natural settings that would be exceptionally ideal for honeymoon and couple trips. Take a honeymoon package from luxurious Margaret Cruises to enjoy the sweet moments with your loved one on this majestic bay. Free room set-up, fruits, and French wine.

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Watch the bay from the cable car

Queen Cable Car – 2 World Guinness Records

Belonging to SunWorld Halong Complex, the Queen Cable Car, which has won 2 World Guinness Records, offers travelers a spectacular view of Halong Bay from above.

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Thien Cung Cave - a famous Halong Bay destination

Thien Cung Cave

Halong Bay is a perfect model of karst formations with tens to hundreds of limestone caves and grottos. Plentiful as the number might be, only a few caves are accessible by tourists. Thien Cung Cave, also called Heavenly Palace, is a haunted Halong Bay destination thanks to its magnificent natural settings.

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Get Off The Beaten Track With Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay is irresistibly beautiful with majestic natural settings of limestone islets and emerald waters. Escape from busy life with Halong Bay cruises.

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