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What to bring for travelling to Halong Bay
A successful trip usually starts from a list of the things you need to carry. With this list, you can save a lot of time for preparing and the boredom of packing luggage. You will feel peaceful in your mind and enjoy the trip. So what is the list? Let’s check it out!


what-to-bring-camera-smartphoneTaking photos is one of the best ways to save every single moment of your trip and of your life. Moreover, the scenery of Halong bay is so magnificent that you can’t prevent yourself from taking the camera or smartphone out to take some. Photos will help you remind the memories you have, the experiences you gain and the beauty of the places you go.





Bathing suit                                                                                                                                                                 what-to-bring-bathing-suit

It’s kind of easy for you to forget a swimming suit. So please, check it one more time before you lock your luggage. No swimming when coming to Halong Bay might make you regretful. 






Sun glasses and Sunscreen


Most of the activities in Halong bay are outdoor activities. If you don’t want to hurt your eyes, please bring sunglasses with you.  Moreover, to protect you from get sunburn, don’t forget to apply the sunscreen before 20-30 minutes when you go outside.






Medicine                                                                                                                                                what-to-bring-medicine

As you don’t know what will happen in the trip, bringing medicines with you might be a great idea. Some medicines can be recommended such as: pain killer, antiallergic, gastrointestinal and so on. Just in case, so please don’t forget to bring it with you! 





Multi-purpose shoes

what-to-bring-shoesA comfortable pairs of shoes is a good choice for you to get the best experience. Taking a look at some activities in Halong Bay might be a good idea to choose the suitable shoes for enjoying the trip. You don’t need to bring too much shoes because it can make your luggage heavy and you might feel disgusted at carrying it.